Kitchen islands designs have become one of the most requested features for home buyers when searching for a new home or when people want to invest in a great makeover. Having a kitchen island in your home comes with many advantages: it adds storage, an individual place to cook, an extra place to eat, it adds style, efficiency and beauty to your kitchens.

For today, we gathered a series of kitchen island design ideas, each one more creative than the next, making it easier for you to pick the perfect one.





Of course it means you need to have some extra space, but it worth it. Typically such islands can be found in open kitchens but you can install it on any kitchen that have some space for it.





The kitchen island fitted with extra drawers and cabinets can also extend the kitchen’s storage capacity.

modern-big-kitchen-island-decor ideas




The countertop should be beautifully designed with lot space to create a perfect seating area where you can have casual meals.

Modern-Kitchen-Island-Ideas-With-Seating-contemporary white




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If you are short of space, then design a slim kitchen island that will serve as a buffet, bar, prep area but do not include a dining area in it.



Choose a kitchen island wisely, it can change the whole appearance of your kitchen for better!

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