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Second round of decorating ideas to spice up your home space!

See here how you can update your house with simple steps that can make the difference.

Home office

How to spice your space – Part II space How to spice your space – Part II 63

51 Build upwards with storage space. Install a wall-to-wall shelf a couple of feet from the ceiling to hold important items that you don’t necessarily need to access every day.

52 Treat yourself (and your back!) to a new desk chair, upholstered in soft white leather or a favourite pattern.

53 Hang an inspiration board by your desk, pinning fabrics, images and quotes that fuel your passions and add to the aesthetic of the space.

54 Corral computer cords with under-desk caddies and cable clips.

55 If white-boarding ideas is your thing, attach painted floorboard trim around the edges for a more stylish dry-erase board.

56 Jazz up a filing cabinet with a coat of paint and new pulls.

57 Switch out your standard office lamp with two tall table lamps to flank your desk.

58 Instead of a standard desk, look for a vintage table to add a bit more character to your home office.

59 Cover a wall with chalkboard paint for brainstorming sessions or to chalk up weekly inspirational quotes.

60 If budget allows, install a skylight over your desk space for plenty of natural light. Bright computer screens and artificial lighting damage eyes over time.


How to spice your space – Part II space How to spice your space – Part II 73

61 Add archways to the architecture of long hallways with high ceilings – the lengthy space will feel cozier and more pulled together.

62 Hang an oversized mirror in the foyer to create the appearance of a larger entryway.

63 Frame black and white family photos and create a gallery wall in a long hallway for visual interest.

64 Create length in a small hallway by painting horizontal stripes on the walls.

65 Place a console table in the upstairs hallway simply to house interesting objects that you found on travels or scored from a recent antique outing.

66 Give your stairwell a showstopping chandelier or antlered light fixture.

67 If you don’t have a closet in the foyer or close by, install one. Your entryway will grow unsightly with an overflowing coatrack and salt stained flooring during the winter months.

68 Place a bench in the foyer for easy removal of shoes – it’s also easy to slide under a console when not in use.

69 For smaller homes, consider glass paneling instead of a stairwell banister to open up the main floor living space.

70 Convert a slow traffic hallway into a workspace with floating desks and stools to tuck underneath when not in use.

Basement and laundry room

How to spice your space – Part II space How to spice your space – Part II 83

71 Drill a rail over your machines in the laundry room to hang delicates that require air-drying.

72 If you’re short on space in the laundry room, install a slim cabinet on the wall to house a fold-down ironing board.

73 Take the laundry room from purely functional to pretty fantastic by hanging a glam chandelier – you’ll want something sparkly to distract you when folding those dreaded fitted sheets!

74 Even if you have small windows in the basement, hang floor-to-ceiling drapes to define the space and heighten the room.

75 Bring some brightness to the basement with a vibrant feature wall in coral or navy set against neutrals.

76 Or go for that movie theatre ambiance with charcoal walls that fade to black once the lights dim and the popcorn is made.

77 Use every nook and cranny in the basement! Install a wine closet or pantry under the stairs for additional storage.

78 Install a fireplace and arrange some comfy sofas in the basement for a super cozy lounge area.

79  Make room for overnight guests without taking up precious floor space by installing a Murphy bed in the basement.

80 Basements are chilly by nature, especially underfoot. Invest in heated floors or, if your budget is a bit tighter, lay down area rugs to keep tootsies warm.



How to spice your space – Part II space How to spice your space – Part II 91

81 Give your front door a facelift with a new coat of paint in a vibrant hue.

82 Line your front walkway with in-ground lights – they’re not only safe, but give your home serious nighttime curb appeal.

83 Replace your standard garage door with a carriage style to give your home’s exterior a bespoke look.

84 Paint your porch. Try a charcoal or deep sage, ensuring you choose a colour that complements the front door.

85 Reseal your asphalt driveway to cover built-up oil stains and salt residue, or powerwash if you have stone.

86 Hang a wreath on the door throughout the year, changing up each season – colourful florals for spring, white blooms for summer, leaves and pinecones for fall, and holly and berries for winter.

87 Lay down a stylish weather-resistant rug on your back patio, creating a defined space for outdoor entertaining.

88 Powerwash your fence and restain, or paint in a neutral colour that pairs well with the brick of your home.

89 If you have an older home, consider leaded glass windows in the front of the house to retain its character and charm.

90 Flank the front door with miniature cedars in stone urns.

Throughout the house

How to spice your space – Part II space How to spice your space – Part II 10

91 Carve out a cozy reading space in an awkward nook by installing a daybed with under-bunk storage.

92 Have some fun with your hardwood, painting a herringbone pattern on the floor.

93 Give an old wooden chair a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint.

94 Transform your child’s room from a play space to a teen hangout with new bed linens, a feature wall in trendy wallpaper and grown-up light fixtures.

95 Paint the interior door of a well-used closet with a bold hue like turquoise or Kelly green.

96 Place plush new rugs underfoot in the bedroom, living room and hallway.

97 If you have drapes, change them out for new window coverings like roman blinds, shutters or frosted glass.

98 Can’t find the perfect piece of art for a wall in your house? Buy a few yards of your favourite patterned fabric and have it framed.

99 Shop your home – pull furniture from one room into another for a fresh look and without having to reach for your wallet.

100 Some homes have incredible feature walls hidden behind drywall and plaster. Uncover a feature wall to expose brick or concrete.

101 Install sliding doors throughout your home. Whether it’s a reclaimed barn door for the bedroom or frosted glass sliders for the bathroom or even sliding French doors for the dining room, this minimalist change will have a huge impact on your space.