Due to a historically privileged position in world affairs, the United Kingdom has always been a hub of innovative interior design ideas and home to many of the greatest interior designers. From the lavish interiors of the prosper Tudor period to the light, elegant neoclassicism of Georgian manors and dark, rich colors of the Victorian palaces, British ingenuity has never ceased to inspire us.

In modern days, the United Kingdom acts as a bridge between old and new, conservative and disruptive, native and exotic, which makes it one of the most coveted markets for the who’s who of interior designers from all around the world. Stay with us as we go through the top 10 interior designers in the United Kingdom.


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David Collins Studio

Founded in London in 1985, David Collins Studio specializes in disruptive, functional designs with an acute attention to detail. With high profile projects that include the Harrods Shoes Heaven in London, Condé Nast’s Vogue Lounge and the Ritz-Carlton residences in Bangkok, its work can be seen across five continents.

taylor hows

Taylor Howes

Known for smart, luxurious and passionate interiors, Taylor Howes has built a strong reputation through commissions to some of London’s most elite addresses. Practicing her own brand of distinguished, restrained luxury, her clients tend to keep her around as they expand their property portfolios.

kelly hoppen

Kelly Hoppen

Having started her career by the tender age of 16, when she was asked to design a kitchen for her parents’ friends, Kelly Hoppen’s tailor-made interior designs fit business people and celebrities alike with her style of natural balance that is both practical and luxurious

katharine pooley

Katharine Pooley

An avid traveler that finds inspiration through her journeys across 150 countries, Katharine Pooley’s aesthetic is eclectic, worldly and adventurous, attributes that are hard to come by and turned her into one of the most sought-after interior designers in the UK

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René Dekker

A London-based Dutchman, Renée Dekker is an award winning interior designer whose work transcends the ordinary with pure opulence and glamour, placing him at the vanguard in several fields of expertise. His project for M Restaurant near Victoria Station is a breathtaking example of his magic.


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fiona barratt

Fiona Barratt

Owner of a company formed in 2006 that has grown into a successful and vibrant business, her studio works in high end commercial and residential projects in the United Kingdom and abroad. An expert in creating fluid and elegant spaces, she believes “A successful interior should enhance not dictate the way you live”.

helen green

Helen Green

Author of countless projects that range from country houses to hotels, she specializes in interior design, interior architecture and even has her own brand of British-made furniture. She creates luxurious spaces where you can both live and enjoy.

Oliver Burns

Oliver Burns

A relative newcomer to the interior designers’ scene, with less than a decade of experience he’s already managed to captivate big profile clients and audiences worldwide, no small feat considering how competitive the field is. Thoughtful luxury is his motto, which is reflected on every piece of his work.

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Tara Bernerd

Founder of Tara Bernerd and Partners, Tara focuses on relevant and creative interior design. With projects in New York, London, Chicago, Hong Kong and Shanghai, her designs combine intelligent space planning with strong use of texture and color.

martin brudziski

Martin Brudnizki

Born in Sweden to a stylish mother and a father who worked as a mechanical engineer, Martin completed a degree in Economics and soon after turning to interior architecture. With projects like the Four-Seasons hotels and Resorts and the Soho House Group under his belt, his joyous, fun interiors always get the attention they deserve.


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