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The end of 2015 is approaching on a fast pace and it happens to be that time of the year where starts some buzz around the sofa trends for 2016. The predictions are many but there are always those timeless pieces that are never out of fashion and are pushed to the spotlight every now and then. Today we’ll talk about sofa trends!

One of the brands that inspire Home Decor Ideas is Brabbu, a brand whose design prediction is about reviving the classics with all their greatness and power of statement and sofas with undulating shapes, more organic and fitting easily in any set.
Today we selected the best designs of the brand to inspire you regarding sofa trends for 2016!


Hermes, from Greek Mythology, God of boundaries, travel and communication was the inspiration of HERMES. This modern contemporary furniture piece is the result of a message that travelled through time and space, gaining shape. The message is clear – break every boundary regarding sofa trends. There are no limits for HERMES 2 Seater because this modern contemporary furniture piece adapts itself to any ambiance. This is a cozy contemporary furniture piece that combines harmoniously the softness of the velvet with the strength of the legs in oak with walnut stain.


Namib Desert was the inspiration for NAMIB. Its distinguish attributes combine the struggle between the Atlantic waters and the desert sands. This invigorating, balanced and curved piece is the master creation of powerful forces, where wood and satin cotton help to convey our mind to sublime a feeling of being embraced by a classic. And a classic makes any living room set look timeless. NAMIB 2 Seater brings nature inside in an intriguingly elegant way as the piece embodies at the same time the strength of nature’s forces and its beauty. Do you like these sofa trends?

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Sofa Trends for 2016 ottawa

Known as traders, the Ottawa are a Native American tribe living originally on Manitoulin Island, near the northern shores of Lake Huron; on the Bruce Peninsula in the present-day province of Ontario, Canada; and in the state of Michigan, United States. Besides farming, hunting and practicing music, story-telling, artwork and traditional medicine, the Ottawa had to go to war to protect their people. OTTAWA depicts a sense of contrast by combining curves, elegant shapes and carved wood details with a dark color from the black synthetic leather and the matte black lacquer frame. The frame is bordered with nickel polished nails, distributed along the seat, arms and back in wide, regular intervals.

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Sofa Trends for 2016 malkiy

The modern contemporary furniture piece MALKIY was named after a king and priest mentioned in the Book of Genesis whose name, according to ancient interpretations, means justice and king of righteousness. These concepts of fairness and integrity are imbued in contemporary furniture piece – MALKIY, a classic and geometric piece upholstered in maroon cotton velvet. The straight lines of the structure in golden leaf contrast with the softness of the maroon cotton velvet cushions and pillows. The lounge’s golden structure is enriched by natural motifs, carved in the wood to emphasize the idea of rectitude and honesty, this is real sofa trends! MALKIY lounge sofa fits well in every classic ambiance, either in residential projects or in hospitality environments.

Which one is your favorite? Please tell us your opinion about these sofas trends on comments below.
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