Overlooking the lake, the magnificent landscape certainly will captivate the heart of the clients and its guests of this 3 stories Villa Lugano Luxury Home

Take this journey with us, as we show you this amazing mixture between modern and Italian luxury design.


You may see how the landscape amazingly underlines the well-trimmed plants and geometrical forms of the house building. The three levels of the house are also emphasized here with the glassed frame in the terraces.

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Textures, patterns, and lines are combined in order to make this house walls and buildings becomes more attractive. Creative combination of these different forms reveals its extraordinary design.

Luxury Home


Elegant chandelier graces the stylish design of this table set in this dining space. The client may still enjoy the outside views through the glassed walls utilized in the building.


Here is the spiral staircase that enhances the look of the interiors. This connects the three levels of the house that will allow the client to explore more of the interiors.


Remarkable curves and colorful palette made this interior artistic and luxurious. The red color of the cabinet matches perfectly with the gray walls.



Luxury Home


The designer’s application of the lighting system made this house luxurious and stunning. The accessories and decors are emphasized with the use of the LED lights installed in every corner.


The lighting system is very important in the kitchen space. The gray and white color blended well with the stainless equipment utilized here.


Even the bathroom shows its elegance through the modern fixtures, lighting system and warm colored paints here. The lighting system sets the romantic mood in this bathroom that may certainly provide comfort.

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Luxury Home

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