Halloween is just around the corner and the spooky season has already started. Although this time of the year is usually associated with orange pumpkins along with black and purple decor, it’s about time to change it and glam it up a bit. For that, Home Decor Ideas has looked around and made a list of elegant and luxurious Halloween home decor ideas for you to have a wonderful season.

To begin with, you need to put aside all the plastic pumpkins and faux cobwebs. Faux pumpkins, made out of different materials walk the line between spooky and elegant in a way that you will want to keep them on display all year long.

They can either be made out of linen, for those who love a nude decor accent – they add a rustic touch without the boldness of color, or you can go all the way and choose faux pumpkins, that come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns.

You can stack them, spread them around or place them according to their sizes. With so many options you can choose multiple different ways to decorate with them. Either one you choose is guaranteed to give an outstanding touch to your dining table, cabinet or console. Is there a better Halloween home decor idea?

The spooky season is one of our favorites and this season wouldn’t be the same without spooky elements. And is there a spookier home decor idea other than skulls and bones?

Skull pieces can be a bit trickier as they are edgier than most décor. But they do make amazing statement pieces. Take a few different sized skull pieces and place them around the home. For an elegant more upscale look select pieces that have rhinestones.

Bones are also great Halloween decor. Especially if you use them the right way. Sprinkle different sized bones inside a vase and place it in the middle of your dining table or on your kitchen island. Or even consider having bones placed together on a dish for a spooky vibe that is Halloween instead yet trendy. There are a million home decor ideas using these.

To add or match a rustic look to your home, lanterns are the way to go. They look great in any season or holiday, really, but they do add that special touch during fall. Black iron lanterns are perfect for a Halloween inspired feel that is still useful.

One of our favorite Halloween home decor ideas are pumpkin cloches. If you have never heard of cloches, you can thank us later. Cloches are glass blown different shape décor made out of recycled glass. In this case, pumpkin cloches are perfect for a glamorous twist on your Halloween home decor. Choose clear ones and fill them with lights or even darker ones for a variety of colors and feel.

Another great thing for your Halloween home decor ideas is using accent pillows, more specifically, spooky accent pillows. They are easy to find, are certain to make a statement, bring color and diversity to the room and are easily replaced once the holiday is over. Creepy accent pillows bring the Halloween vibes into your living room while still being modern and functional.

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You can’t really have Halloween without candy, so it is a great home decor idea to use them as decoration.

It is quite easy, as you can simply purchase clear jars and place an array of colorful candy inside. You can either match the candy with your room decoration, or you can be bold and choose complete different colors.

Also, if you have always fancied using long candlestick holders, but couldn’t figure out exactly when was the perfect time to use them. This is the time to use them. Candlesticks emphasis elegant spook especially if they are black or in a black candlestick holder. Place them on a table in your home for a twist on your spooky decor.

We do have some pro-tips that will instantly transform your home decor ideas in an elegant and luxurious decoration.

First of all, you can never go wrong with black and gold. The colors combination are truly a classic and it will fit perfectly in your home decor ideas during this season. Feel free to use and abuse these two colors during Halloween.

The other one we suggest is to glam up your decor accessories using glitter. This is a great home decor idea as if there is a time for you to go over the top it is definitely Halloween.

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Hope you liked these ideas and feel free to tell us if you have any more. At Home Decor Ideas, we wish you a happy and, most of all, spooky Halloween!


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