Home Decor Ideas presents you with the second part of the Top 30 Masculine Bedroom.


11. Simplicity Bedroom

simple room complex
In the midst of darkness and light, masculine colors abound the bedroom according to the Albanian architect Saimir Braho.
Their vision of a male bedroom includes artworks and lighting that will make it stand out even more.
Natural light is welcomed inside through floor-to-ceiling windows that give the impression of freedom.

12. Masculinity Stays Close To Nature

30 Masculine Bedrooms

Colors and textures inspired by nature when combine with materials such as concrete, brick, or wood, its warmth reflects the robust state of the material.
Walls with bricks and wooden floors are clearly an excellent choice for a male room.

13. Masculine Design Influenced by Night and Day

30 Masculine Bedrooms sky view

Do you yearn to fall asleep under the night sky? Exemplary in its use of architecture and texture to build a sophisticated sleeping area, this stylish bedroom promises unforgettable nights under the moonlight and energetic mornings to get you going. Know how to make the most of your high walls and ceilings and let yourself be guided by “impossible” dreams.


Mirror GIF Boca do Lobo

14. Dark Colors versus Bold Decor

dark colors vs bold decor

Situated within must-have gray walls, this manly bedroom has a reading area next to the fireplace and exhibits a bold design mix bordering simplicity.

15. What Masculinity Means to You

30 Masculine Bedrooms masculinity

This bedroom above is part of a luxurious New York City penthouse apartment with an astounding space design. Choosing the interior design style that enhances your living experience might be hard but as you see can be possible.

16. Masculinity Through Color

30 Masculine Bedrooms wooden style

Style the space by adding chrome and faux leather details. Imagined by the luxury design experts of IMI Design Studio, the manly bedroom with dark floors shown above will stick with you if you love dark, expressive hues.

17. Masculine Bedroom Design is Bold

30 Masculine Bedrooms fluor neon

We present to you, a bespoke design concept inspired by catwalk trends from Residence Kuala Lumpur.
Combining transparent surfaces with colorful mirrored lines and carefully dotting the bedroom with light creates a high-end effect perfect for bold bachelor pads.

18.  Masculine Vibe in Shades of Gray


This mesmerizing luxury home in Australia flaunts volumetric design everywhere, including the bedroom. Huge windows flood the space with natural light, while the details construct a dreamy scenario for unforgettable nights.
Using white, black, and shades of gray to create a masculine vibe in the bedroom shown above was fairly easy since the whole house it belongs to displays a similar color mix.

19. Robust Masculinity Warmed by Wood

30 Masculine Bedrooms robust room
Designing a small bedroom to become the space you lust for when you are tired is not an easy job. The example above shows how wood is the focal point in a bedroom with black ceilings. Find more wood wall inspiration here to create an alluring environment, where sleep comes naturally and the morning light enters through screened windows.

20. Mysterious and Balance Bedroom


Curiosity and masculinity go hand in hand in this mysterious bedroom.
Adventurous spirits must have a place where they re-energize.
Conveying a mysterious feel, the dark bedroom above was designed by architect James Russel inside the Oxlade Drive House in Brisbane, Australia.
Sleek and sophisticated, the black and white interior design feels vibrant and sexy.

What do you think about these Male Bedroom suggestions? Let us know which style is your favorite in the comments down below.

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