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Shabby Chic Bathrooms are one of the hottest Summer Trends in interior design! The shabby chic decor lends itself so well to bathroom décor as the key elements can create a perfect place to relax in. The foundations of shabby chic décor are country style but by adding a French twist and vintage accessories you can create a beautiful shabby chic style. The shabby chic style has  a neutral palette of white or cream colors that a perfect starting point to offset the decorative scheme of a modern bathroom.
Today Home Decor Ideas has selected some of the best Shabby Chic Bathrooms to inspire your Summer decor!

Shabby Chic Bathrooms

This bathroom makes the most of a minimalist space!  Bring a luxury chandelier into your bathroom décor to create a chic style. Keep your rugs and artwork simple in order to emphasize the golden details.
Matheny Chandelier by DelightFULL gives a very special touch to this bathroom design set!

Contemporary bathroom

There is no doubt that white is the most important color of shabby chic style. White can also be mixed with dark accents to create a shabby chic feeling. This style is not always about light colors, this can also be about dark details.
Charles Wall Lamp by DelighFULL is the perfect piece for a black and white bathroom.

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Pink shabby chic

White and pink shades are perfect to create a shabby chic bathroom, especially if you are looking to give a feminine touch to it. The shades of pink can easily be combined with golden details to give you that balance between a spa-inspired bathroom and a personalized bathroom.

Shabby Chic Bathtubs

There is no doubt that a luxurious bathtub is an absolute must for any bathroom that wants to have a spa-style. In fact, bathrooms can define the mood inside the shabby chic bathroom.
Koket´s Kiki Side Table is the perfect mix to a chic bathtub.

Shabby Chic Bathrooms

Small shabby chic bathrooms are all about coziness without relying on straight lines and white shades to achieve this sense of suave. The best part of decorating a small bathroom is the freedom to use bright colors without worrying about the room becoming a touch too claustrophobic.

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White bathrooms

White creates a versatile backdrop but also gives light, breezy and cheerful vibes to a shabby chic bathroom.

Which is your favorite shabby chic bathroom? Please tell us your opinion about Summer Trends –  Shabby Chic Bathrooms on comments below.
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