Chic and elegant bathroom

Are you looking for Chic and Elegant Bathroom Design Ideas? Which is your dream bathroom? Elegant, vibrant, luxury ? Are you in search of implementing the latest trends into your bathroom, meanwhile creating a comfortable space? In fact, the bathroom might be the smallest room in the house, but it’s also one of the easiest to decorate with luxury details! Get our expert ideas on how to decorate your bathroom with chic and elegant details!

Chic and Elegant Bathroom

Nowadays we have said goodbye to the boring white and no fun bathrooms. The quality of a bathroom plays an important role in our daily life, therefore placing astonishing pieces you are able to create a unique and comfortable experience. Therefore, the Newton Bathtub from Maison Valentina is the perfect statement bathroom for an elegant and chic bathroom.

Chic and Elegant Bathroom

An elegant bathroom can´t be completed without a luxury mirror, especially a Venetian mirror. Through a passionate explosion of romance and drama, Venice mirrors are true statement pieces that enhance the beauty of any elegant bathroom.
Boca do Lobo´s Venice Mirror is hand cut and carved by an experienced artisan who’s passion for glasswork goes back as far as his childhood, the Venice represents Boca do Lobo’s ambition to bring value to true craftsmanship through contemporary design.

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Chic and Elegant Bathroom

Chandeliers are also very important elements to elegant and chic bathrooms. In fact, a luxury chandelier can transform a simple bathroom into a very modern and luxurious design set, you just have to choose the right one!
Ideal for an elegant bathroom with a modern touch, Matheny Chandelier by Delightfull reinvents classic designs with a high aesthetic feeling.

Chic and Elegant Bathroom

If you are not afraid of bold and luxury pieces, the ones that grab instantly your attention then we will suggest you choosing statement pieces, such as Lapiaz Freestand by Maison Valentina and Apollo Mirror by Boca do Lobo.

Dark Elegant Bathroom

Don´t be afraid to go dark! Black is a classic luxurious color and always a good decor idea when it comes to your bathroom interior design.  From minimalist designs to contemporary bathrooms with the best furniture brands, there are plenty of options for you to decorate your luxury bathroom with dark colors!

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Which is your favorite chic and elegant bathroom? Please tell us your opinion about Chic and Elegant Bathroom Design Ideas on comments below.
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